What an ILM Qualification can do for you


The most important qualification to be successful on a coaching course is a passion for helping others succeed. If you get personal satisfaction in helping others transform their lives or make important career or personal changes then coaching is certainly for you.

Here at Skills24 training we have been helping individuals and organisations make important changes for over 15 years. Some of our students are relatively new to the world of coaching and recognise they need the correct foundations for moving forward as successful and respected coaches. Many of our other students have a life time of experience of managing and motivating teams and individuals and now wish to move into the field of coaching, and put all that experience to good use.

Our students come from a wide and varied set of backgrounds. Teachers, Psychologists, Nurses, HR Professionals, Youth workers and councilors and those with a passionate interest in just helping others.

Here in the UK a coaching culture is rapidly developing and more and more individuals and organisations are recognising the benefits of coaching and how effective coaching can transform businesses and the lives of individuals.

Our diploma in coaching actually exceeds the ILM requirements and leaves you with the knowledge and confidence to works as a personal coach. Being qualified as an Institute of Leadership and Management recognised coach gives you the credibility that is so important to the business community.

Other coaching courses only offer their own accreditation while here at skills24 training you not only receive our certification but the option of the added bonus of ILM credibility too.

What kind of client will you choose to work with?

Once you have qualified as a Skills24 ILM coach you will be equipped with a range of tools and techniques that are recognised throughout the coaching world. Here at skills24 we know what works and we know how to pass those skills on to our students. Our trainers are successful coaches and personal development experts and have a passion for sharing their knowledge.

Some coaches choose to work with individual clients while others prefer to work in the corporate environment. If you wish to use your qualification in your current role and become a well-respected internal coach then this course will provide you with the professional credibility that is essential.

The skills you gain while studying will remain with you for the rest of your life. In addition these are valuable transferable skills that employers value highly. This is possibly the most valuable investment you can make in your own training and career development. These are skills you take with you wherever you go.

With the development of new technology your client portfolio can cover anyone with email, telephone and Skype. Your coaching clients can come from any country in the world and from any background. This is what makes coaching so exciting and satisfying. It puts you in control of your own destiny.

The subjects client raise are as wide and diverse as people them selves. Coaching can cover career development, financial problems, personal relationships, work problems, management objectives and issues of confidence and clarity. Coaching clients provide a rich, interesting and diverse range of issues.

As you gain confidence and experience you also have the support of our experienced team. With you own named student support worker you will feel able to discuss important coaching objectives and therefore feel confident with every client.

Students often mention helping others to recognise their potential as their major motivator. Helping others to be the best they can be is a privilege and also emotionally and financially rewarding. Your potential client is anyone who feels they have not achieved all that they could, and that means everyone.

Why do graduates choose to train with Skills24 Training?

Quality Trainers:

We have a small team of experienced and qualified coaches of the highest standards. We do not subcontract our training to anyone else and we know all our trainers personally. Our trainers have a national and international reputation and run successful coaching practices. We have worked with some of our trainers and coaches for over 15 years.

Quality Training

We are a small company and are very proud of that fact. We do not train hundreds of coaches and never try pressurized selling techniques and false promises. Our training courses are designed for the benefit of our delegates and ultimately for the benefit of coaching clients. We make sure you have all the time you need to learn the skills of coaching and to ask questions and to discuss all aspect of the coaching intervention. We get great feedback from our graduates and enjoy seeing them prosper in the world of coaching.

Our ethical Standards

At the moment coaching remains a self-regulating profession but is quickly moving forwards to a more recognised professional status. Ethical standards have always been extremely important to us at Skils24 and underpin everything we do. There is at the moment no internationally agreed regulatory body in place and it is for this reason we have aligned ourselves with both the ILM and the Association for Coaching. We strongly support the idea of external accreditation and the professionalisation of coaching. The ILM and A.C are leading bodies in the world of coaching and we are justly proud of our accreditations and association with these professional bodies. This is your guarantee of your commitment to you and you ongoing development as a professional coach

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