Testimonials Provided By Students

"I was recently trained by Dave Woolley in NLP and Coaching at Skills24. The 11 day ACCT course has been invaluable in raising self-awareness and also in helping me practise as a coach. Dave is a friendly trainer with a vast amount of experience and knowledge which he shared in an enjoyable manner throughout the 11 days. Dave answered all questions that I raised and helped me become more confident in coaching with the use of the practise break-out sessions and thorough feedback. I cannot thank Dave and Amanda enough for making the venue comfortable and the entire experience a smooth one. It has been a pleasure to have been trained by Dave, and I would recommend Skills24 to anyone looking for an affordable, flexible and intensive training course provider. I look forward to attending additional courses in the near future."

- Manisha Patel

"Whilst the 7 day NLP Practitioner training programme was completely exhausting, it was so very worthwhile. The team at Skills24 Training are incredible knowledgeable, without being arrogant. The learning is intense, the topics are fun, the location is quaint and you can really tell Dave care deeply about his subject specialism. It was a pleasure."

- Drew Richardson-Walsh

"Dave is engaging and an expert in the field of Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching. I found the course both enjoyable and inspiring and would recommend skills 24 for anyone who wants to grow as a person or as a practitioner."

- Ramenderjit Singh

"I have recently completed my NLP master Practitioner with Dave Woolley at Skills 24. Throughout the 7 days Dave was dynamic in adapting his training style to suite the people on the course. This way, I think Dave was able to match and go beyond what I had expected what would be covered in the course. There was plenty of time to practise in the breakout rooms which I believe in an important factor to get ‘NLP in the muscle’. Dave’s explanations of the many tools & techniques used in NLP was robust and made clear to make sure you can’t not get it. The training environment is comfortable and you are given lots of opportunity to ask questions whilst covering in-depth NLP material. On a whole I think the training has just been a fantastic experience, which I would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to learn NLP & be supported to understand."

- Dan Keane

"I attended an NLP coaching course in Rugeley and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great course tutor and practical sessions. Accredited too. Fully Recommended."

- Sara Marsden-Shreeve

"Skills 24 training gives a great training experience. Dave is very knowledgeable and makes his courses so interesting and fun too! I have been on a number of his courses and found them all invaluable. The courses always combine theory and practice. The latter is a great way to try out the various techniques and Dave is always on hand for support. I have met some super people on the courses and it is great to hear other people's stories and the varied paths they are taking. Skills 24 is a family run business and all members of the family are very helpful and committed to the training and support. The building in which the courses are run provides several small practice rooms which give privacy whilst trying out techniques. Altogether a fantastic training experience."

- Fiona Bowen

"I attended the NLP Practitioner Course and the Coaching Course both of which were lead by Dave. I can’t speak highly enough about his knowledge and passion in both areas. Dave makes everybody feel at ease and conducts his training sessions in a relaxed yet informative manner. I felt completely supported throughout the process and will remain in contact with Dave and Amanda for many years to come; they are both lovely people. Thank you both for giving me the skills and knowledge to set up my own Coaching business which is doing very well."

- Amy Dias-Grundy

"Dave is a very experienced teacher and has a great style in his methods and approaches. Dave is passionate in his training which makes learning a whole lot easier and fun.I highly recommend Skills 24 training , I studied NLP which is such a valuable skill to have."

- Charlene Reid

"Dave is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching. His style of training is relaxed, witty and extremely enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone to sign up to his courses!"

- Jan Tongue

"I was very impressed with Dave's knowledge and he made the course interesting with many personal examples of his practice often backed up with his extensive knowledge of theories. The centre is family run, with a cosy feel to it and they strike just the right balance between formal and informal. Formal enough to learn what you needed to but also informal enough to make you welcome and for people to look forward to going each day. The course was cheaper than many up and down the country and overall I was very pleased with the course and thought that it represented excellent value for money."

- Carl Willis

"The course was absolutely fascinating. Presented in a professional way. Highly recommended ."

- Phil Woodvine